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Card Mine - Design


Here at Card Mine we are interested in a range of cards – not just celebration cards, but historic ones which mark British history. We are the number one site for European trade and tobacco cards, poster stamps, cigar bands, postcards and all types of printed ephemera and collectables such as menus, calendars, matchbox labels, bookmarks et cetera from the mid-nineteenth century to date.

Cigarette and tobacco cards are a fascinating marker of British history and the development of art over the centuries. We wonder if this tradition will continue with the advent of electronic cigarettes. The process of “smoking” an electronic cigarette is just like when a person uses a regular cigarette so in some ways it is very similar. They inhale and then exhale exactly the same. When the vaper exhales the smoke the vapour then appears to be like smoke, but then dissolves very quickly. This leaves no leftover smell and no chance of second hand smoke. It is a great way for anyone to quit smoking.

Cigarette cards were particularly popular during the First World War where they often promoted the national cause within the general effort to create a sense of patriotism. However, they existed all the way back to George II who was the first monarch to appear on one.

For some people they have become collectibles; cigarette cards are able to be seen in museums and galleries.